Australian Champion Kiangsi I'm the Pied Piper - Piper


Sire: Supreme Grand Ch Pendgragan In Toto

Dam: Sarcelles Jil Sander

Spine 2 at T13 1 at L7.  Hip right 3 left 4 Australian grade 2.  Dr R Rawlinson 19.4.12.


Piper began his career with a Baby Puppy in Show at the Utility Non-Sporting Club AM show under specialist judge Mr R Bennetts Victoria.

PIPER is also well known in the Latrobe Shopping District as most Sundays he sits at the front door of Something 4 Everyone gift shop greeting customers. They are often heard to say "Oh I thought he was a statue". "Is he real or a battery operated toy". He readily shows his silly frog sit, and has had several people take his photograph, may of which have been sent overseas.


Piper has sired a litter of 3 females and 1 male in 2011.



07.08.10, All Breeds Show

Judge - Mr G Dryburgh (NSW).  Results - Best of Breed Minor in Group

21.8.10, British Bulldog Show

Judge - Mr P Martin (SA) Specialist.  Results - Best of Breed 8 pts

22.8.10, Utility Non-Sporting Show

Judge - Mr T Valli NSW.  Results - Challenge Dog

28.8.10, Ulverstone Show

Judge - Mr P Bennett SA.  Results - Puppy in Group

04.09.10, Brighton Show

Judge - Jan Kirin (ACT).  Results - Challenge 

02.10.10, Burnie Show

Judge - John Forbes (NSW).  Results - Challenge 

09.10.10, Launceston Royal Show

Judge - Mr Alex Zee (Taiwan).  Results - Challenge 

11.10.10, Tas Kennel Show

Judge - Mrs B Marsh (Vic).  Results - Challenge Minor in Group

16.10.10, Longford Ag Show

Judge - Mr F McEvoy (SA).  Results - Challenge Minor in Group

17.10.10, Tas Ladies Show

Judge - Mr D McGreely (Qld).  Results - Best of Breed

20.10.10, Hobart Royal Show

Judge - Mrs A Beatrix Knoll (Brazil).  Results - Best of Breed Minor in Group

30.10.10, Ulverstone Show

Judge - Mr W Mooney (Vic).  Results - Best of Breed

06.10.10, Westbury Show

Judge - Mr N Gouzos (SA).  Results - Best of Breed

07.10.10, Westbury Show

Judge - Mr R Redhead (SA).  Results - Challenge

26.11.10, Devonport Show

Judge - Mr G Minchinton (Qld).  Results - Best of Breed Puppy in Group 

27.11.10, Devonport Show

Judge - Mr W Chambers (Qld).  Results - Best of Breed

05.12.10, Circular Head Show

Judge - Mr S Rickard (Vic).  Results - Best of Breed

12.03.11, Burnie Show 

Judge - Mrs L Norman (Vic).  Results - Best of Breed

13.03.11, Burnie Show 

Judge - Mrs G Cook (Vic).  Results - Best of Breed

26.03.11, Tas Ladies Show

Judge - Mrs S Taylor (Qld).  Results - Best of Breed

27.03.11, Tas Ladies Show

Judge - Mr A Brown (Qld).  Results - Best of Breed

16.04.11, Longford Show

Judge - Dr K Hedberg NSW Specialist.  Results - Best of Breed Junior in Group

24.04.11, Western Tiers Show

Judge - Mr D Johnson SA.  Results - Best of Breed Junior in Group

27.08.11, Ulverstone Show

Judge - Mrs S McMahon (NSW).  Results - Best of Breed

06.11.11, Royal Launceston Show

Judge - Mrs M Sunde (Norway).  Results - Best of Breed

09.10.11, Tas Kennel Show 

Judge - Mrs D Lee (Vic).  Results - Best of Breed

14.07.12, Southern Classic

Judge - Mr J Daidone (NSW) Specialist.  Results - Best of Breed