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Buyer Warning:

Due to the increased popularity of the  French  Bulldog, more and more inexperienced opportunists are breeding puppies for profit only.    They are also breeding so-called "rare colours" such as blue,  black  & tan,  chocolate,  liver, merle etc.  These colours are highly undesirable and not recognised within the breed standard, and they are certainly not worth more money.   Avoid making a bad decision!   An ethical, responsible breeder breeds to improve the health of the  French  Bulldog, not just to create a "product" for sale.  They know their dogs, study pedigrees, and health test their dogs before planning a litter.  Ideally, there should be Champions listed in your puppy's pedigree.  They are involved in breed club activities and health schemes and compete in the show ring with their dogs.  Most will have  a waiting list, so be prepared to wait for your new puppy.


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